For large-scale events with a focus on flavour

For theme parties and big receptions, Robert Alexis Traiteur recommends combining hors d’oeuvres, primarily inspired by continental cuisine, and tasting tables. This friendly and festive option is ideal for large groups, as it allows guests to move around and socialize as they eat.

Our stations are perfect for creating all kinds of atmospheres—the possibilities are endless. You can explore the world with a more exotic theme, or stick with the classics, which are just as delicious. Whether you’re planning your next office party or another festive occasion, rest assured that you’re in for a colourful and flavourful event!

For thematic parties and large-scale receptions


Both chic and decadent

Prosciutto buttock sliced ​​in front of the guests, Coppa, Mozzarella, Parmesan wheel,
served with melon, fresh grapes, grilled rosemary vegetables,
green and black olives, marinated artichoke, virgin oil and balsamic vinegar,
Feta dip, artisan bread, foccacia and grissini

Quebec cheeses & charcuteries
Fine Quebec cheeses, bone-in ham cooked in a hay infused brine, Charlevoix sausage,
served with fresh fruits, blood orange marmalade, red onion compote,
Rocha pear poched in honey and turmeric, roasted nuts, artisanal bread and crackers

Valencian Paella
Paella with saffron chicken breast, mild Chorizo sausage,
grape tomatoes and green peas, served in a large paella pan
Gambas, scallops and grilled octopus à la Gallega served on hot slates,
with Romesco sauce, Chimichurri and Jerez vinaigrette


Colourful and flavourful

Oysters & mignonettes
Depending on the arrival, served on an ice platter,
with pink pepper mignonette, ginger-lime vinaigrette,
“Bloody Caesar” granite and lemon wedges
3 oysters per person

Canadian Atlantic Salmon
House smoked salmon, & homemade salmon Gravlax, sliced in front of guests,
served with creamy aigrelette, capers, onions, lemon, blinis, bagel chips and rye bread

Gourmet grilled cheese
A selection of grilled cheese on homemade brioche bread:
-Migneron de Charlevoix and caramelized onions
-Two-year aged Cheddar, Granny Smith apple and basil
-Brie, autumn pear and thyme
served with a cider fennel remoulade, orange supreme, ginger and fresh mint

Smoked meat & Poutine
Lyonnaise-style baby potato Poutine, cheese curds and homemade BBQ sauce
Montreal smoked meat, served with coleslaw, pickles, mustard and rye bread

Slow cooked whole beef buttock, sliced in front of the guests,
served with a Waldorf salad with Cheddar from Île-aux-Grues,
flavored cooking juice, Mauricette bread and various condiments

Tacos bar
Tacos on soft tortillas:
-Tex Mex pulled pork, spicy mango and sesame red cabbage
-Roasted cauliflower with smoked paprika, butternut squash and Requesòn
served with pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream, Chimichurri and lime wedges

Candies, chocolates, mignardises, mini cupcakes, rasberry cannelé and tartlets

Prices may vary depending on the number of guests and stations chosen.
Please contact us for all requests, it will be our pleasure to send you a proposition
adapted to your needs, including the necessary accessories and services.