Robert Alexis has an array of frozen meals
to enjoy in the comfort of your home




Our classics

Eggplant and Parmesan gratin with fresh basil
11.00$ per person

Thai-style chicken breast, crunchy bergamot flavoured vegetables and Hainanese rice
12.50$ per person

Bourguignon style Angus Meyer beef brisket, scalloped potatoes,
Wild mushrooms, pearl onions and cranberries, Merlot wine sauce
20.50$ per person

Slow cooked veal rump with pearl onions, chestnuts,
sweet potato gratin and Merlot gravy
16.50$ per person


Inspirations of the moment

Braised beef short rib in aged Whisky, scalloped potatoes, roasted root vegetables with rosemary and Fleur de sel, topped with fried onions
17.50$ per person 

Butter chicken, Basmati rice and fried cauliflowers
13.00$ per person

Butternut squash and saffron creamy risotto
13.00$ per person

Cassolette of prawns, scallops and shrimps in puff pastry crust, tarragon flavored candied leaks
16.50$ per person

Carnaroli risotto with wild mushrooms and truffle oil
13.00$ per person

Coconut-curry Atlantic salmon and spinach with ginger
14.00$ per person

Coulibiac style salmon in puff pastry, Vermouth seared spinach, candied leaks, aniseed white butter sauce
20.50$ per person

Coq au vin-style demi Cornish hen
17.50$ per person

Duck confit Parmentier, chanterelles, edamame and roasted onions, salmis sauce
15.00$ per person

Mac and Cheese; Gruyère, Cheddar and Pecorino
10.00$ per person

Pan seared cod, vegetables ratatouille, fingerling potatoes and parsley
16.50$ per person

Salmon, nordic shrimps, scallops and lobster Coquille Saint-Jacques, green peas, Yukon potatoes and Emmenthal
16.50$ per person

Strogonoff Angus Prime beef tenderloin
15.00$ per person

Valencian paella, Bomba rice with saffron, chicken supreme, mild chorizo,
scallops, shrimp, cherry tomato, corn and green peas
18.50$ per person





Grilled almond Success cake, espresso butter cream
11.50$ for two persons

Tanzanian chocolate Palais Royal cake, morello cherries confit and Madagascar vanilla
11.50$ for two persons

Tanzanian chocolate bites with candied fruits and roasted pistachios





Grilled artichokes and red pepper Quiche

Housemade Atlantic salmon Gravlax
11.50$, 150g

Quiche Lorraine

Angus Beef Châteaubriand Hamburger
two portions, 200g per serving

Herbs and lemon crusted salmon burgers
two portions, 100 g per serving

Grilled Angus Prime flank steak with our Signature marinade and herbed butter
two portions, 180g per serving

Kansas City style pork ribs from QC, Bourbon BBQ sauce
500g per serving

Octopus marinated in sherry, lemon and caper vinaigrette
200g per serving

Piri Piri Cornish Hen
850g per serving
19.50 $

Shish Taouk style Chicken skewer from Ferme des Voltigeurs
two portions, 125g per serving




Sasyr, Rocca Delle Macie, Tuscany IGT, Italy – 23.00$

 Soprasasso, Chardonnay, Vénétie IGT, Italy – 23.00$




20$ Downtown Montreal and surroundings
from 30$ on the South Shore
from 40$ on the North Shore

Free delivery in Montreal for all orders of 10 portions or more
Discount of 20$ on the South Shore and on the North Shore
for all orders of 10 portions or more


Our delivery service runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. You can also pick up your order at our workplace.

No minimum required. Heating instructions provided.


To place your order, fill out the form below or call us at (514) 521-0816.


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