From dishes to platters


One year later, the new space was already too small. Robert decided to buy the adjacent building and expand the catering service’s kitchen, but it would turn out to be a short-term solution. Soon after, L’Entre Miche had to double and even triple its surface area to be able to serve the two tons (!) of beef bavette its patrons were demanding every year. At the same time, the catering service was entering the big leagues. In 1992, the year of Montréal’s 350th anniversary, Robert won the contract for the inauguration of the Pointe-à-Callière museum by proposing a historic, New France-inspired menu. He concocted his own hippocras for the occasion, a sweet and spiced wine that was popular among settlers, and bottled Saint-Pierre spring water, named for the little river that once flowed north of the Pointe.

The event was a resounding success, instantly establishing the reputation of L’Entre Miche’s catering service. After that, the phone rang off the hook, and a succession of exciting proposals followed. Robert had ample opportunity to explore his creativity and perfect his art, on the famed Le Maxime, for example, where the team worked the boat to the rhythm of the lambada all summer long (it was the 90s, after all), or at Guy Laliberté’s legendary Grand Prix party.

But if he had to choose one event that catapulted him to the top, it would likely be the 1997 Canadian Open at the Royal Montreal Golf Club, the oldest private golf club in North America. Once again, it was an ambitious project, even for an experienced caterer, but Robert was up for the challenge. In just four days, 20,000 meals were served under the tents!

Exhilarated by the event’s success (not to mention Tiger Woods’ autograph on his apron), Robert refused to rest on his success. He formed a partnership with Jean-François Plante (Bistro L’Aromate) and opened Café Rock Détente, where brunch was hosted by a chansonnier; he also let his grandiose aspirations get the better of him with Robert et Compagnie, a three-storey restaurant featuring a waterfall and mature trees!

Today, Robert is grateful to his amazing team, without whom none of these tremendous accomplishments would have been possible. From the kitchen to the reception hall, the level of quality that has earned Robert Alexis Traiteur its stellar reputation is the result of each team member’s passion, know-how and dedication.


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