Deliciousness at your fingertips

Whether you’re planning a cocktail reception, buffet, wedding, baptism or corporate event, you can’t go wrong with Robert Alexis Traiteur’s hot and cold hors d’oeuvres. The possibilities are endless! You can put together an original and varied menu for your guests which even the finest palates will enjoy.

We offer a wide range of snacks, so you can create a fully personalized menu perfectly suited to your tastes and the concept of your event. Canapés, mini brochettes, appetizer spoons, hot or cold nibbles… Choose whatever you want, then enjoy! The only problem? With so many tempting options, you may find the decision-making process a little difficult. Not to worry: whatever you choose, your event is sure to be a success. Bon appétit!


Simply tasty

Blini with salmon Gravlax, wakame and sesame
Brioche canapé with Goat cheese, sweet cherry tomato and basil
Cucumber crepe stuffed with coriander chicken breast, tamari sauce
Gingerbread canapé with torchon-style foie gras, apple, fig and maple chutney
House smoked salmon crostini with creamy caper aigrelette
Medjoul date with Tête de Moine, pink pepper and pecans
Rice crepe with asparagus, avocado, julienned carrots and crispy sweet potatoes
Savory cannelé garnished with lobster salad, remoulade, avocado and orange zest
Shrimp with lemon-lime marinade and Mojo sauce
Sundried tomato, mango, mint and avocado Maki, Ponzu sauce
Spicy Angus Prime beef mini-paupiettes, arugula and Parmesan, three-mustard sauce

Black olive arancini with a tomato and roasted pepper coulis
Coconut-lime shrimp with peanut sauce
Crispy roll filled with duck confit, cranberry sauce
Halloumi and zucchini nem with tomato puree and arugula, yogurt sauce
Homemade falafel and sumac onions, tahini sauce

Lamb cigar with pine nuts and figs, Madras curry, Korma sauce
Mushroom and sundried tomato polenta cassolette with Cheddar gratin
Mini Quebec lamb chop with cider and honey glaze
Old Whiskey and Pecan Brie mini pie
Snow crab cake with Jerk mayonnaise
Vegetable dumpling, shallot tamari sauce

Angus Prime flank steak with our Signature marinade
Canadian Atlantic salmon with Saffron, aigrelette sauce
Lamb with Madras curry, Granny Smith apple raita
Shish Taouk free-range chicken, tahini sauce

Snow crab burger, lemon-honey beetroot, jerk mayonnaise
Migneron de Charlevoix and caramelized onions grilled cheese
Mauricette Bretzel with smoked meat, sweet mustard and pickle
Nordic shrimp salad mini-sandwich, dill mayonnaise
Lyonnaise-style baby potato poutine, BBQ sauce and cheese curds
Tex Mex pulled pork taco, red cabbage salad and roasted sesame

Assorted macaroons
Berry tartlets
Raspberry Cannelé Bordelais
Tanzanian chocolate, pistachios and cranberries bites

Depending on the availability and seasonality of the ingredients,
starting at 30.00$ a dozen

Some hors d’œuvres require kitchen staff