Christmas without the stress!

Of course, Christmas is a time to celebrate with family and friends, but let’s be honest: we all want to show off a little! Well, this year, you won’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to do so. You won’t even have to lift a finger! Robert Alexis’s team will put together a delectable meal that will thrill and impress your guests, no matter what menu option you choose for your reception.

Snacks, hot or cold buffet, plated meals, cocktail reception…We have plenty of delicious ideas ranging from traditional to bold which are sure to make your Holiday event a resounding success, perfectly adapted to the current situation. So put out your best outfit and decant the wine. We’ll take care of the rest. Merry Christmas to all!

*Menus are available from December 1st




Heating instruction provided

Available for a minimum of 2 guests

Assorted cocktail sandwiches (3/guest)
Traditional pork and veal meat pie

Bone in ham maple glazed, roasted with pineapple juice and clove, partially sliced
Roasted whole turkey, sliced, with the stuffing on the side
Stuffing : cornbread, Italian sausage, apricot, chestnuts, pecans and fine herbs

Gratin Dauphinois
Sichuan pepper and fruit chutney

Fennel remoulade with dill, orange and ginger
Quinoa salad, cabbage, carrot, edamame, pomegranate, cumin vinaigrette

Almonds Christmas cake log, chewy meringue, Espresso buttercream
Tanzanian chocolate Christmas cake log, vanilla sponge cake and candied elderberry

39.50 $ per guest



Tasty and easy to serve, as a buffet in individual dishes or as a ready-to-eat formula,
heating instructions provided

Housemade salmon Gravlax, fennel remoulade with dill and citrus zest,
fresh cream with capers, olive oil crostini

Roasted eggplant, zucchinis and red pepper, tomato confit,
Mozzarella Di Bufala, grilled red pepper sauce, pesto and Maldon salt flakes

Grain-fed turkey, braised breast & thighs, olives, dried tomatoes and candied lemon,
saffron couscous and root vegetables

Bourguignon style Angus Meyer beef brisket, scalloped potatoes,
Wild mushrooms, pearl onions and cranberries, Merlot wine sauce

Coulibiac style salmon in puff pastry, Vermouth seared spinach,
candied leaks, aniseed white butter sauce

Pear bread pudding, Mascarpone mousse, maple syrup, cranberries and blueberry coulis

Tanzanian chocolate Christmas cake log, vanilla sponge cake
and candied morello cherries
for 2 guests

Almonds Christmas cake log, chewy meringue Espresso buttercream
for 2 guests

One starter, one main & one dessert, 42.50 $ per guest



‘’With your fingers’’ menu style
Served in a compostable individual platter, heating instructions provided

Gingerbread canapé with torchon-style foie gras, apple, fig and maple chutney
Savory cannelé filled with lobster salad, remoulade, avocado and orange zest
Housemade salmon Gravlax on a bagel chip with creamy caper Aigrelette
Brioche cracker with Goat cheese, sweet cherry tomato and basil
Tête de Moines stuffed Medjool date with pepper and pecans
Sundried tomato, mango, mint and avocado Maki, Ponzu sauce
Spicy Angus Prime beef rolled filled with arugula and Parmesan, three-mustard sauce
Chicken and coriander in thinly slice cucumber roll, topped with Tamari sauce
Albacore tuna tataki in spicy crust, yuzu and fresh jalapenos, served in spoon

Puff pastry filled with Nordic shrimp salad
Focaccia bread topped with candied tomatoes, Mozzarella di Bufala, basil and fleur de sel
Halloumi, roasted eggplant and Curry de Madras mayonnaise stuffed mini-pretzel burger

Tanzanian chocolate and candied fruits bites
Christmas theme mini cupcakes

9 hors d’oeuvre, 3 substantial hors d’oeuvre and the desserts at 35.00$ per guest



Heating instructions provided

Traditional pork and veal meat pie, 8 guests

Chef Philippe confit duck, veal and wild mushrooms meat pie, 8 guests

 Roasted whole turkey, sliced with the stuffing on the side

Stuffing: cornbread, Italian sausage, apricot, chestnuts, pecan and fine herbs
18.50$ per guest

Bone-in ham with maple glaze, roasted pineapple and clove, partially sliced
16.00$ per guest

Meatball stew
12.00$ per guest

À la carte hot hors d’oeuvre – 14.00$ for ½ dozen
Mushroom polenta cassolette with Cheddar melt
Lamb, pine nuts and fig cigar, served with plum sauce
Coconut-lime shrimp served with peanut sauce
Country-style ham tartiflette with Cantonnier Saint-Raymond melt

Selection of fine local cheese, Rocha pear poached in ice wine, blood orange marmalade, roasted nuts and artisanal crackers
8.50$ per guest

Housemade Foie gras terrine with figs, served in Mason jars with homemade brioche bread
100gr, 20.00$

Tanzanian chocolate Christmas cake log, vanilla sponge cake
and candied morello cherries, 6-8 guests

Almonds Christmas cake log, chewy meringue Espresso buttercream, 6-8 guests