For a friendly get-together

It’s always nice to gather around the barbecue on a beautiful summer day to celebrate with your loved ones and a glass of rosé. The smell of charcoal, grilled meats and vegetables gets the entire neighbourhood salivating, the soft summer breeze, the hot sun, the terrific company… What more could you ask for?

Let us make the event even more enjoyable by preparing the barbecue for you, surprising you with rich and inventive flavours. Robert Alexis Traiteur takes barbecuing very seriously and never tires of reinventing the classics to add a little “oomph” to every bite. Allow yourself to be tempted by our family barbecue for a delicious yet affordable meal. Why miss out? We’ll take care of everything.



Speck and marinated Bocconcini Brochette
Shrimp with lemon-lime marinade and Mojo sauce
Sundried tomato, mango, mint and avocado Maki, Ponzu sauce
Cucumber crepe stuffed with coriander chicken breast, tamari sauce
Assortment of party sandwiches : smoked ham, chicken breast, cucumber and cheese, egg salad

Fennel remoulade with orange
Quinoa salad, cabbage, carrot, edamame, cranberries, roasted sesame vinaigrette
Coquillette pasta salad, fresh tomatoes, corn, basil, Bocconcini and balsamic

Ear of corn, butter and fleur de sel
Gruyère and tomato confit puff pie with Zaatar

Shish Taouk free-range chicken brochette
Angus Prime beef hamburger
Italian sausage

Lettuce, tomato, pickles and condiments
Baby potatoes, pepper and roasted onions with olive oil

Mignardises (2/person)

6 hors d’œuvres per person and the full menu, 37.00$ per person
Equipment rental and service staff not included, minimum of 12 persons