For a minimum of 12 persons

Various cocktail sandwiches (3/pers)

Veal and pork tourtiere

Maple sugar glazed ham on the bone, roasted with dark beer and spices, partially sliced

And Whole roasted turkey

Filling: cornbread, italian sausage, apricot, chestnut, pecan and herbs

Gratin dauphinois

Cranberry and orange chutney

Celeriac and Granny Smith apple remoulade

Quinoa salad, cabbage, carrot, edamame, cranberries, sesame dressing

Traditional Christmas log, chocolate or vanilla butter cream, soft biscuit, orange blossom crème anglaise


35,00 $ per person


For a minimum of 8 persons


Veal and pork touriere, 8 pers. 14,00 $

Preserved duck, veal and wild mushrooms tourtiere, Chef Philippe’s way , 8 pers. 25,50$ 

Various cocktail sandwiches : eggs  – chicken – smoked salmon – cheese and herbs, 24 pcs 18,00$

Various cocktail sandwiches : eggs  – chicken – smoked salmon – cheese and herbs, 48 pcs 35,00 $

Tian of lobster, crushed avocados, mango salad with fresh mint, cucumber roll and rice vinegar, per person (cold) 16,50 $

homemade Foie gras au torchon, natural apple puree, candied apple with maple, marinated chanterelle and old balsamic vinegar, pannetone and grapes, 50 gr. per person 15,00 $

Roasted and smoked Angus beef fillet, sichuan pepper and sweet spices, served with a tartar sauce with a hint of truffles, (cold) 12,75 $

Albacore tuna tataki with grilled sesame, wakame salad, served with ginger and orange cream, spices glaze sauce on the side, 60 gr. per person 12,75 $

Whole salmon from jail island in the atlantic ocean, poached and decorated, served with fine herbs mayonnaise on the side 165,00$

Paella with roasted range chicken breast, mild chorizo sausage, grilled shrimps and scallops, per person 17,00 $

Ham on the bone glazed with maple sugar, roasted with dark beer and spices, partially sliced served with a gratin dauphinois, per person 12,50 $

Royal Christmas log with Tanzania chocolate, preserved fruits and nuts, 6 persons 24,00$

Traditional Christmas log, chocolate butter cream and soft biscuit 36,00$

Our Christmas logs are served with an orange blossom crème anglaise

Fresh fruits: mango, papaya, pineapple and watermelon, per person 6,00 $