A pleasant get-together

A cocktail reception is a great and casual way of letting your guests mingle as they enjoy a delicious meal. We can provide a great variety of small canapés, a few dishes that can be eaten with only a fork, and two or three tasting tables. Let us help you pick the best options suited to your next event.

A Suggestion of Hors D’Oeuvres and Dinner Dishes à la Fourchette

It will be a Pleasure to Develop a Menu to Suit Your Tastes


  • Pita crisps grilled with olive oil and cumin, Hummus, and Mediterranean mixed salted nuts for snacking
  • Cone of aged Cheddar with Guacamole
  • Cucumber with chicken and fine herbs, Tamari sauce
  • Roll of Foie Gras, Prosciutto and fig chutney
  • Savory puff pastry with lobster and Remoulade
  • Oysters in Season with three sauces
  • Rice Crêpe with duck confit, micro-sprouts, glazed sauce
  • Salmon from our smokehouse on Crostini, caper cream
  • Shrimp in two-lemon marinade, Mojo sauce


  • Julienne of salmon Gravlax, fennel remoulade, Aigrelette sauce with capers and Gremolata
  • Roasted prime veal, tuna sauce, multi-colour beet and chive salad with Parmesan
  • Speck ham rolled with fresh Mozzarella, baby arugula, Bruschetta, black olives, capers and balsamic vinaigrette
  • Tian of roasted tomato and eggplant, fresh Mozzarella, crispy basil, pesto and Fleur de Sel
  • Foie Gras au Torchon, cranberry and spice Pannetone, pear compote, fig in port syrup ($7.50 extra)


  • Charlotte of duck confit, purée of parsnip and Yukon potato, wild mushrooms, roasted onion, Pinotage sauce
  • Pavé of salt-steamed Canadian salmon, lemongrass-infused roasted pineapple, mango Béarnaise
  • Valencian Paella with roasted farm chicken breast, mild Chorizo sausage and grilled shrimp
  • Pavé of halibut in mango powder, coconut milk with lime, quinoa with mild chorizo and basil ($5.00 extra)
  • Lobster Risotto with truffle oil, roasted tomato pesto, toasted pecans, Red Daïkon sprouts ($6.50 extra)


  • Arancini with roasted red pepper and tomato coulis
  • Polenta, sundried tomato, mushrooms and Cheddar Gratin
  • Rolled Eggplant Carpaccio with Haloumi, tomato and arugula
  • Satay of beef with peanut sauce
  • Shrimp in two-lemon marinade, Mojo sauce
  • Skewer of grilled salmon Charmoula
  • Taï-Lor roll, soya and Wasabi sauce


  • Bread Pudding with pear and maple
  • Chocolate and orange zest Tart, crème anglaise
  • Maple Crème brûlée with chocolate macaroon
  • Salad of the best exotic fruit
  • Verrine of Tanzanian chocolate brownie, Catalan cream, and berry compote
  • Verrine of Tiramisu, Savoie cake, and Sambuca-perfumed strawberries
  • Choice from a selection of exclusively designed Wedding Cakes

This flexible package at variable cost according to number of guests, is based on 100 guests.
The package includes: place settings, cocktail tables and stools, linen, various required kitchen equipment, venue set-up, kitchen personnel for a period of 6 hours, service personnel until 3:00am, as well as delivery to Montreal.

12 Hors D’œuvres and snacks, choice of one Dining Dish and one Dessert, from 85.00 $ per person