An incredible offering for large-scale events

Robert Alexis’ team is the perfect answer for large-scale events. Your guests will be able to enjoy cocktail canapés inspired by continental favourites and discover delightful creations at tasting tables.


  • Cucumber Roll of chicken and fine herbs, Tamari sauce
  • Rice Crêpe with duck confit, micro-sprouts, glazed sauce
  • Roll of Foie Gras, Prosciutto and fig chutney on Canapé
  • Savory puff pastry with lobster and homemade Remoulade
  • Arancini with red pepper and roasted tomato coulis
  • Polenta, sundried tomato, mushrooms, Cheddar Gratin
  • Shrimp with lime and coconut, peanut sauce
  • Taï-Lor roll, soya sauce and Wasabi


Middle-Eastern Station

Kebbeh, Falafel, stuffed vine leaves, marinated chicken kebab, spicy beef fillet kebab, cheese Samboussak, Fattouche and Taboulé salads, Hummus, Baba Ghanouj, pita bread and thyme crispbread

Valencian Paella Station

Served in a large Paella pan and garnished with saffron chicken breast, mild Chorizo, shrimp and clams

Canadian Atlantic Salmon Station

From our smokehouse, homemade Gravlax and a Thai salmon tartare, accompanied by Aigrelette sauce, capers, onion, lemon, blinis and rye bread

Cheese Fondue Station

Served in individual round bread, flavoured with garlic flower and toasted, accompanied by a variety of fine sliced meats, celery Remoulade salad, beet salad, pickles and condiments

Pasta Station

Penne and mini-ravioli of spinach and cheese, accompanied by Carbonara and Arrabiata sauces, virgin olive oil, your choice of cocktail shrimp, capers, olives, red peppers, tomatoes, shallots and basil

Fine Local Cheeses and Seasonal Fruit Station

Selection of fine Quebec cheeses served pre-cut, accompanied by fresh fruit, blood orange marmalade, cherry jam, preserved fig in Port, roasted nuts, artisan breads and fine crispbreads

Carving Station

Loin of roasted AAA beef and Janette Bertrand hay-braised ham on the bone, accompanied by potato salad, mustard sauce, caramelised onions, vegetable preserves and condiments

Smoked Meat and Poutine Station

Montreal-style Smoked Meat, accompanied by coleslaw, a variety of mustards, pickles and rye bread Poutine of bell potatoes à la Lyonnaise, curd cheese and homemade BBQ sauce

Chocolate Fountain Station

Chocolate Fountain accompanied by bite-sized fresh fruit, wafer biscuits, Rice Krispies squares and doughnut holes

Sweet-Tooth Station

Bon-bons, chocolates, mini puff pastries, mini cupcakes, tartelettes, lollipops, fudges, Brochettes of fresh fruit and warm chocolate sauce

Cocktail of 8 hors d’œuvres per person and a choice of 2 stations, 40.50 $ per person

Cocktail of 8 hors d’œuvres per person and a choice of 3 stations, 52.50 $ per person

Rental accessories and personal service are not included, minimum 24 people