Wine and cheese tastings

A wine and cheese tasting greatly complements any sophisticated get-together. We propose a tasting menu that includes eight fine cheeses and a choice of wines adeptly picked by experts. Our wine and cheese menu can be served over four courses or all at once as a buffet.

1st course

Morbier, Migneron de Charlevoix
Suggested Wine: Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc

2nd course

Comté de Juraflore, Pied de vent
Suggested Wine: Chardonnay or Gamay

3rd course

Edel de Cléron, Riopelle de l’Isle
Suggested Wine: Pinot Noir

4th course

Aged Cheddar 4 years, Bleu d’Elizabeth
Suggested Wine: Ice cider or Tawny port

Served with fresh fruits, blood orange marmalade, cherry jam and roasted nuts

Ham cooked in a hay infused brine, Charlevois sausage, Red onion jam and condiments, Artisanal bread and crackers

100 grams of cheese per person and the charcuteries, 16$ per person

150 grams of cheese and the charcuteries, 24$ per person

A selection of 4 hors d’œuvres, 8$ per person

Wines suggested not included

Do not hesitate to ask us for any advice regarding the wine pairing


  • Homemade salmon Gravlax, fennel remoulade with capers and virgin oil (75g/pers):  7.50$
  • House smoked salmon, capers, red onions, creamy aigrelette and virgin oil (75g/pers):  7.50$
  • Tandoori strip loin AAA beef, tomato salsa and Chimichurri (75g/pers): 6.50$
  • Bone in ham in a hay infused brine, partially sliced, fruit chutney (75g/pers): 5.50$
  • Assortment of party sandwiches : egg, chicken, smoked ham, cucumber and cheese, 24 pieces : 18.00 $
  • Nordic shrimp salad or artichoke salad mini pita, a dozen : 12.00 $
  • Fresh fruit brochette, a dozen : 24.00 $
  • Assortmen of mini Cup Cakes, a dozen : 24.00 $
  • Chef Philippe’s mini chocolate truffles, a dozen : 18.00 $