A delight at your fingertips

Robert Alexis’ hot or cold bite-sized creations will enhance any cocktail reception, buffet, wedding reception, baptism, or corporate event. The perfect way to offer your guests a creative and varied menu that will please any palate.


  • Speck and marinated Bocconcini Brochette
  • Crab meat, avocado duxelles and tobiko nori cake
  • Savory cannelé garnished with lobster salad, remoulade, avocado and orange zest
  • Tamarind beef filet mignon and crunchy julienned vegetables in a taro cone
  • Aged Cheddar cone with guacamole
  • Rice crepe with asparagus, avocado, julienned carrots and crispy sweet potatoes
  • Rice crepe with duck confit, microgreens and glaze
  • Shrimp with lemon-lime marinade and Mojo sauce
  • Caesar Salad in a crispy cup
  • Tête de Moine stuffed Medjool date with pepper and pecans
  • Fresh seasonal oysters with a selection of condiments
  • Sundried tomato, mango, mint and avocado Maki, Ponzu sauce
  • Spicy Angus Prime beef mini-paupiettes with arugula and Parmesan, three-mustard sauce
  • Pineapple slice topped with melon and cured ham roll, fig compote and black pepper filling
  • Cucumber crepe stuffed with coriander chicken breast, tamari sauce
  • Marinated beef roll, soya sauce caramel, Enoki and coriander
  • Cherry tomato garnished with saffron chicken, fresh radish and mint
  • Albacore tuna marinated with caraway, black radish slice and wasabi



  • Black olive arancini with a tomato and roasted pepper coulis
  • Snow crab cake with Jerk mayonnaise
  • Mushroom and sundried tomato polenta cassolette with Cheddar gratin
  • Lamb cigar with pine nuts and figs, plum sauce
  • Coconut-lime shrimp with peanut sauce
  • Savory Brie, Whisky and pecan pie
  • Tex Mex cracker with 2 year-old Cheddar, spinach and bacon
  • Assortment of dumplings, tamari and shallot sauce
  • Crispy roll filled with duck confit, cranberry sauce
  • Mini Quebec lamb chop with cider and honey glaze
  • Wild mushroom and chicken money bag
  • Halloumi and eggplant nem with tomato puree and arugula, yogurt sauce
  • Lobster and julienned vegetables pastilla
  • Thin-crusted pizzette garnished with Mozzarella Di Bufala, roast tomatoes and basil pesto
  • Baby vitelotte potato stuffed with country ham, Reblochon gratin



  • Madras curry Quebec lamb fillet, yogurt sauce
  • Angus Prime flank steak with our Signature marinade
  • Shrimp with tarragon mustard
  • Almond a turmeric Icelandic scampi
  • Scallop with lemongrass and thai basil, Teriyaki sauce
  • Shish Taouk free-range chicken, tahini sauce
  • Canadian Atlantic salmon with garlic and saffron, curry sauce
  • Angus Prime beef tenderloin satay with tamari
  • Bangok style pork mini satay



  • Grilled eggplant with Ricotta, Feta and aniseed Dukkah
  • Pink grapefruit Princess scallop ceviche with saffron jelly
  • Chanterelles, balsamic roasted red pepper and Mozzarella Di Bufala
  • Jicama salad, pepper hash, fresh mint and cashews
  • Tuna Sashimi, ginger confit, wasabi, ponzu sauce
  • Quebec asparagus tips with orange zest sauce Gribiche



  • Blini with salmon Gravlax, wakame and sesame
  • Canapé topped with a Prosciutto, foie gras and fig chutney roll
  • Brioche canapé with Goat cheese, sweet cherry tomato and basil
  • Gingerbread canapé with torchon-style foie gras, apple, fig and maple chutney
  • House smoked salmon crostini with creamy caper aigrelette
  • Aged Cheddar crostini with spiced orange marmalade
  • Homemade salmon Gravlax on a pumpernickel cracker, Tasmanian pepper beet puree


Depending on the availability and seasonality of the ingredients, starting at 21.50$ a dozen

Some hors d’œuvres requires kitchen staff